Saturday, August 1, 2009

True but lost........why??? DONT KNOW!!!!!!!!

It was in the class room, end of 5th sem for Indra. Indra used to tease a lot with his friends his classmate Jyothi. He will tease her a lot. He don’t know why he was teasing. He don’t know how it happened one day. As he was opening his book to study atleast the important question so that he can get good marks in internals, he cant concentrate on anything. This continues for few days after which he comes to know that his mind is diverting towards Jyothi. He did not tell this to anyone as he thought that it will disappear as days passes by. Days passed, it was the first day of his semester exam. Deep inside his heart tells to see Jyothi before going to the exam hall. His eyes started searching her in the exam block. Finally before 5mins to the exam he found saw her. He don’t know why he is doing that but he feels so. What happens then????