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Territorial Army

It is a "Citizens' Army" to which all able-bodied persons between the ages of 18 and 35 are eligible for recruitment. The upper age limit is relaxable in case of ex-serviceman and those possessing the requisite technical qualifications. The Territorial Army provides an opportunity for the citizens to receive part-time military training so that, in times of necessity, they should be able to bear arms to defend the country. It is responsible for anti-aircraft and coastal defence and is also meant to relieve the regular army for the maintenance of internal peace. It is a second line of defence. The Territorial Army has units of Armoured corps, Artillery, Engineers, Signals, Infantry, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and the Medical Corps. Service in the Territorial Army is considered as part-time employment and pay and allowances are admissible only during training and during attachment to Regular or Territorial Army.

Space Commission

The Department of Space and space commission were established in June 1972 with their headquarters in Banglore, for the purpose of rapid development in space technology and its application. The major establishment under the department of space are:
1. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Thumba near Trivandrum (KErala);
2. Sriharikota Range(SHAR) in Andhra Pradesh;
3. Space Application Centre at Thumba;
4. Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

IT is engaged in the development of indigenous capability in advanced aerospace engineering, rockets and satellite as also the development of capability within the country for various other space applications using satellites including remote sensing, meteorology, geodesy and navigation and establishment of facilities required for these activities.

Classical Dances and Music of India

In this article i'm writing about the Classical dances and Music of INDIA.

The four main types of classical dances of India are,
1.Bharat Natyam

Classical Schools of Dancing: In classical schools the following dances are prevalent. Bharatnatyam, a dance style of classical dancing in South India. Manipuri, a dance style of Manipur. Kathak, a dance style which has its origin in northern India. Kathakali, is a classical dance of Kerala. Odissi, a dance style of Orissa. Kuchipudi, a dance style of Andhra Pradesh.

There are two Classical Schools of Indian Music;
1.Hindustani School of the North and
2.Karnatic School of the South.

National Academies for Arts and Science in INDIA

In this article i am going write about the academies established by the Indian Government for encouragement of art, culture and literature.

Lalit Kala Akademi: It is developed to the promotion of the study and research in painting, sculpture, architecture and the applied arts.

Sangeet Natak Akademi: Its main task is the survey of and research in different art forms of India. It records and films the art forms. It organises and sponsors seminars and festivals to develop art. It also establishes new art institutions.

Sahitya Akademi: It aims at fostering and co-ordinating literary activities in all the Indian languages and thus to promote through them the cultural unity of the country.

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Common teminologies: Part3

Ambassadors and High Commissioners: Ambassadors are diplomatic representatives of the ministerial rank posted by one country to another. When such envoys are exchanged between countries belonging to the Commonwealth, they are called High Commissioners.

Surety and Security: Surety means a personal undertaking to be bound for another, whereas security means a pledge and a guarantee, a right conferred on a creditor to make him sure of recovery. It may also mean bonds or certificates executed in evidence of debt or property.

Summons Case: A summons case is a case in which a person, irrespective of the fact whether he is accused of an offence or not is called upon to appear before any court or before any other officer having the authority to issue summons.

Warrant Case: A warrant case is a case in which a person accused of an offence is required to be arrested and produced in a court of law or such other authority as may be competent to issue a warrant or arrest.

Common teminologies: Part2

Share price: The market price of a unit of a company's equity capital is called share price. In a competitive market it is equal to the net present value of the expected future dividend. If annual dividend is devoted by 'D' and the rate of discount by 'i', the share price is equal to 'D' divided by 'i'.

i.e Share price = annual dividend D / rate of discount i.

Resource Crunch: When resources fall short of the estimated expenditure and the gap between the two keeps on widening, the government faces a resources crunch or crush.

Wealth effect: It signifies an increase in the aggregate expenditure due to a fall in the price level and the interest rates. When the prices or the interest rates fall, they induce a fall in demand which can be reversed by wealth affect.

Estate Duty: It is chargeable from the estate of a deceased person if such estate is valued over a certain amount and is payable before the estat passes on to the successors.

Common teminologies: Part1

Blue Chip: This is the common stock of a large reputed corporation which has a stable and least risky growth path. The stocks of such a corporation, typical blue-chip stocks, are high-priced.

Consumption tax: It is a levy on consumer goods. The objective of such tax is not only to raise revenue but, sometimes, it is also designed to regulate consumption and even production. Sales tax, excise duties etc. are illustrations.

Earth lock: This means orientation towards the Earth; it is essential for uninterrupted transmission by a geo-synchronous satellite. Earthlock is ensured by the satellites sensors which feel the Earth's radiation.

Footloose industries: As contra-distinguished from the location-specific industry, the footloose one can be located anywhere because it is bound to a particular locational requirements. Most of the cottage industries are footloose e.g., handloom industry.

Eureka - Idea to avoid Queue in Banks

Depositing money in a bank is a time consuming job, especially in peak hours. Once we reach the bank we have to fill the deposit slip which is available in the counters and we have to wait in the long queue to deposit, wasting our precious time. So in order to make this whole process of deposit a time effective we can employ a simple idea by which a customer is given a time slot in which he can deposit. The entire process is made simple through Online Token System for Bank Deposits.

The customer who needs to deposit has to go to the bank’s webpage where he can finish all the formalities like filling up of deposit forms and he can search for his convenient time to deposit. If the time which he seeks is not available the system will show the nearest available time slots. After choosing the time slot and submitting the form he can carry on with his work. By this Online Token System he need not spend his time in queue, he can go to the bank at his allotted time slot and he can deposit.

Atomic energy

The genius among the scientists invented the principle for atomic energy. When a radio-active atom disintegrates, it releases tremendous energy. When atom is bombarded artificially, it will also release energy. This energy is called atomic energy. It can be used for the welfare of the nation. Now it is used to destroy another nation. The inventions of atom bombs and hydrogen bombs have led some men to think on the destructive lines.
Nowadays throughout the world, nuclear power stations are set up. Here the energy is used for the generation of electricity. The Thermal energy is converted into electrical energy. The electricity thus obtained is used up for industrial use and domestic use. It can also be used as a fuel for heating certain materials. New radio active isotopes are prepared artificially. Such isotopes are useful in medicine, agriculture and industries. It is also used for the preparation of heavy water, which is essential for nuclear reactors.
Today natural resources are decreasing. So it is the duty of human beings to harness the available resources such as the sun and the atomic energy.

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Campaign – canvas – canvass – carrying – casualties – cemetery – certain – characteristic – choose – chose – concede – conceive – concession – conference – confidence – conscientious – consistent – continuous – chosen – column – commitment – committee – community – comparative – comparison – competitive – complement – compliment – contraband – convenient – cordially – correlate – courteous – courtesy – criticism – crisis


dairy – dealt – debenture – deceive – deceitful – decide – decision – decision – defendant – definite – degression – delete – description – desirous – despair – desperate – dessert – develop – development – device – devise – dictaphone – different – dilapidate – disappoint – disastrous – discipline – discord – discount – dissatisfied – dying – divide.



I'm listing out the words which are commonly mis spelt in further posts in alphabetical order.

absence - absurd - accelerate - accept - accidentally - accommodate - accompanying - accomplish - according - accumulate - acknowledgement - acquaintance - acquire - address - advice - advise - aggravate - allotted - allowed - all right - among - amount - analysis - annual - answer - apology - apparent - appropriate - approximate - argument - ascent - assistance - athletic - attendance - attorney - awkward.

baggage - balance - bankruptcy - basically - becoming - beginning - believe - beneficial - book-keeper - bonded - brilliant - bulletin - bureau - business - bushel

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DOC1 Designer

DOC1 designer is an application developed in Visual C++ in .net platform. It is a tool to develop documents. We can create a document template from which we can generate letters i.e most of the contents in a letter will be the same except the name, address, amount details etc, so datafields are mapped in these places. If we run the document using appropriate tool, these datafields are mapped with the names in the repository, thus we can generate letters for different customers in the same time. In a doc1 designer there is a window called edit window in which we will build oour documents. After building our documents we will issue them for generation. The next step is creating a publication for the document. In the publication we will add our document and issue them. Then comes the creation of job file. After creating the job file we will publish the issued version in the publication. After some steps in publication wizard a HIP file is generated. A hip file is a file which contains our document and enables the user to generate multiple leters when input is passed.

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True but lost........why??? DONT KNOW!!!!!!!!

It was in the class room, end of 5th sem for Indra. Indra used to tease a lot with his friends his classmate Jyothi. He will tease her a lot. He don’t know why he was teasing. He don’t know how it happened one day. As he was opening his book to study atleast the important question so that he can get good marks in internals, he cant concentrate on anything. This continues for few days after which he comes to know that his mind is diverting towards Jyothi. He did not tell this to anyone as he thought that it will disappear as days passes by. Days passed, it was the first day of his semester exam. Deep inside his heart tells to see Jyothi before going to the exam hall. His eyes started searching her in the exam block. Finally before 5mins to the exam he found saw her. He don’t know why he is doing that but he feels so. What happens then????

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எனக்குள்ளும் ஒரு பளுதூக்கி
என் இதயம்......
என் கவலைகளை சுமபதினாலா இல்லை ....
என் கனவுகளை சுமப்பதினாலா?

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National Cadet Corps

The National Cadet Corps is an organization set up by the government of India in order to give military training to students. The main of this training is to grow the spirit of nationalism among students and make them ready to defend the country. The N.C.C has units in almost all the schools and colleges in our country. Cadets from various colleges come together for training in summer camps and winter camps. These give the cadets training in using weapons. Moreover the cadets learn to adjust themselves to the needs of camp life. They are supposed to forget their difference and are expected to live as one family. The spirit of national leaders should be instilled into the young cadets. The training given by National Cadet Corps injects the spirits of living for the country into the nerves of the cadets.

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Be Brief - Since the receiver does not have much time to read your letter thoroughly your letter should be as brief as possible. At the same time briefness does not mean cutting of facts.

Be Accurate - When you write a letter the statement should be accurate and if you are not sure of anything which you are coming to say do not write. An accurate letter will only be appreciated by readers.

Be Courteous and Considerate - The letters which you receive must be replied on the same day of receipt or at least on the next day. It is discourteous to keep a letter for reply for more than two days.

Use simple language - Use simple language as much as possible. The usage of difficult words in letters leads to irritation if the reader does not know the meaning.

Spelling, Punctuation and Paragraphing - This fact may be ridiculous to follow these matters. But it is always a good practice to follow correct punctuations and spellings.

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In order to write a business letter, following principles should be carefully observed.
Know what to say
Be clear
Be Brief
Be Accurate
Be Courteous and Considerate
Use Simple Language
Spelling, Punctuation and Paragraphing.

Know What to say - If you wish to write a letter you should clearly know in mind what is that you want to convey to the reader. You should first collect the facts then you have to arrange them in proper order and then only you have to start the letter.

Be Clear - After arranging the facts in proper order and assessing by yourself, say it clearly with no hesitation. Each and every sentence which you wish to say should be clear and legible without any confusion.

Let me explain the above things one by one in the following posts.
- - - - - continued

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To the country

உன் நாட்டிற்கு நீ செய்யும் உயரிய சேவை,
சமரச நிலவிட சளைக்காமல் உழைப்பதுதான்

To say in English.......The highest service which you can do to your country is nothing other than HARDWORK...........

நாடு உனக்கு என்ன செய்தது என்று யோசிக்காதே..........
நீ நாட்டிற்கு என்ன செய்தி என்று சிந்தித்து பார் !

Dont think what the country has done for you,
Think what you have done for the country.

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Indian Space Program

The space commission was set up in the year 1972.The executive wing of the commission is the department of space which operates through a major set up called ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization).The Indian Space Research Organization was established in the year 1969 at Bangalore. Research and development activities under the space program are carried out under various centers/ units of ISRO.
The major centers are:
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC)
ISRO Satellite centre (ISAC)
SHAR Centre
Liquid Propulsion System Centre
Space Application Centre (SAC)
National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA)
Physical Research Laboratory (PRL)
The National Mesosphere, Stratosphere, troposphere, Radar Facility (NMRF)
Development and Educational Communicational Unit (DECU)
ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTARC)
Master Control Facility
ISRO Inertial Systems Unit (ILSU)
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC):
It is located at Thumba in Trivandrum. VSSC is the largest ISRO centre. It provides technology base for the country's indigenous satellite launch vehicle development efforts. The space physical laboratory is also located in VSSC.
In a successful multi-mission India's polar satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV)-C7 takes off from its beachside launch pad at Sriharikota on march 10th 2007 and injects four satellites into precise orbit; two of which, namely Cartosat-2and SRE (Space capsule Recovery Experiment) are from India while LAPAN-TUBSAT is a joint venture of Indonesia and the Technical University of Berlin, and the PEHUENSAT-1 is of Argentina

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Hollywood project for AR Rahman

Two Oscar winner AR Rahman moves to Hollywood for his next project. Universal Studios has signed up Oscar winner AR Rahman for their next venture Couples Retreat. Couples Retreat will be directed by Peter Pelensky. The star cast includes Vince Vaughn, Christine Bell and Jason Bateman. The film, which is a romantic comedy, will have melodious tunes set by the Mozart of Madras. It is expected to release at the end of this year.

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Madrid Masters-2009

Federer stunned clay court king Rafael Nadal in straight sets to win the Madrid Masters after some bad losses this year. Switzerland’s Federer had won 57 titles, including 13 grand slam crowns, but was without a tournament success since winning on home soil in Basle last October. Since taking his first title in 2001, Federer had never gone the first four months of the year without winning a tournament - until 2009.However, that barren spell came to an end today as Federer took the attack to Spanish superstar Nadal before recording a 6-4 6-4 victory in one hour and 26 minutes.

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On incidence of white light on an object, some light gets absorbed and some gets scattered or reflected. Depending on the colors of the light it reflects or scatter, the object appears to have specific color. If the white light is completely reflected as from a smooth surface, the object would appear white even if the object bears a particular color in the light transmitted through it. Because of the fact that water is transparent to white light, it does not absorb light of any color; so the spot of water surface appear white. A similar observation is experimented while looking at water spray of a fountain or garden spray in the sun light, where some of the droplets appear white while others transparent. The cloud is collection of tiny water droplets formed by condensation of water molecules in the atmosphere. Because of the highly curved surface of droplets have, sunlight gets reflected from their surface in all directions.
The light rays can penetrate the water droplets at different angles and due to the difference in the refractive index for light of different color, white light splits to light rays of different color. This happens from all droplets and in all directions, because of multiple reflection of the dispersed light inside the droplets; the rainbow appears in the different location than that of droplets. But, as the white cloud consists of very fine droplets in high number density, the dispersed light recombines to white light along with the reflected light make the cloud appear white.

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Sixty years ago when India gained independence from the British, many noted scholars and statesmen didn’t give the young nation much of a chance of survival, well, weren’t they all wrong? Today India is seen by the world as an energetic, youthful and an emerging superpower. The driving force that propels this great nation is a sense of possibility and this strong feeling of hope is more prevalent in the young minds of the country. Young people of India are more open minded, better informed about the outside world, less politically indoctrinate and more entrepreneurial in economic activities. They are nationalistic with a set of values that is predominantly utilitarian.
India’s resilience and its ability to assimilate new ideas and technology do make it an interesting place. But is alone may not be sufficient to lay claim to global predominance. Ours is land of contrast. Currently, India is the only nation in the world to have such a large number of educated young people. While it does brighten our face to see such young guns generate enormous wealth; it is said that India houses 40% of the world’s poor. 45% of the Indian children have difficulties in accessing basic educational facilities and the society is badly in need of face-lift in accordance with changing times. With four hundred and forty million young people ready to shoulder the future of our country; India has that cutting edge advantage to emerge as a prominent winner in all aspects, both socially and economically.


Hemophilia is a disease in which the blood clots, or, coagulates very slowly. Queen Victoria is the first victim of this genetic defect. Strangely, only Victoria's male descendants became "bleeders”. All of her daughters and granddaughters were apparently healthy. Yet many later gave birth to hemophiliac sons. The genes - including the defective ones - are strung like beads on objects known as chromosomes. These are found within every human cell. Each normal human cell carries 46 chromosomes - two sets of 23.One set of 23 chromosomes originally comes from the mother's ovum-the egg cell. Whenever a dominant gene and recessive gene are paired, the individual always develops the characteristic of the dominant gene. The gene that causes the hemophilia is recessive. If it is paired with a "healthy" gene; the individual does not develop the symptoms of hemophilia. But even so, the gene is still present. It can be passed along to the next generation.
Today, medical scientists not only know the genetic basic of the disease, but how to control it as well. Hemophilia is caused by the lack of protein in the blood. This protein is called AHF anti homophile factor. One important method of treating hemophiliacs is to concentrate AHF extracted from the plasma of donated blood. When the AHF is injected in to hemophiliac, his blood begins to clot normally.

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Technology has brought about vast improvements in transport, communication, nutrition, health care etc. Science is a systematic attempt to understand reality. It aims at giving us true knowledge of the world. Technology applies this knowledge to bring about improvements in our living conditions. But the truth of scientific knowledge is only provisional and technological advancement has disastrous consequence till today.
Computers and internet plays important role in technology improvement. A computer was for computing fast purely mathematical functions. Today they are used to forecast the weather, to operate machines, to cut steel to size and even to guide a space craft to the moon. Computers help to trace criminals, today the whole world of airlines functions efficiently with the help of computers. Hotels make use of them from managerial capacities to kitchen and companies use them for accounting, invoicing etc. India has excelled in this technological field through the invention of super computer param-10000 which is supposed to be the second largest in the world. The computers with internet connection are the next technology development. The internet is poised to transform our society fundamentally. Now it has become a worldwide network of decent computer terminals and it is widely used for variety of purposes. In this “information superhighway” people can send e-mail, monitor bank accounts, shop for practically everything from books to automobiles and search the World Wide Web for information. It is clear to everyone that the internet is going to reshape our society and alter our lifestyles and with this technology development will not end it will grows as days goes it has no limit.