Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hollywood project for AR Rahman

Two Oscar winner AR Rahman moves to Hollywood for his next project. Universal Studios has signed up Oscar winner AR Rahman for their next venture Couples Retreat. Couples Retreat will be directed by Peter Pelensky. The star cast includes Vince Vaughn, Christine Bell and Jason Bateman. The film, which is a romantic comedy, will have melodious tunes set by the Mozart of Madras. It is expected to release at the end of this year.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Madrid Masters-2009

Federer stunned clay court king Rafael Nadal in straight sets to win the Madrid Masters after some bad losses this year. Switzerland’s Federer had won 57 titles, including 13 grand slam crowns, but was without a tournament success since winning on home soil in Basle last October. Since taking his first title in 2001, Federer had never gone the first four months of the year without winning a tournament - until 2009.However, that barren spell came to an end today as Federer took the attack to Spanish superstar Nadal before recording a 6-4 6-4 victory in one hour and 26 minutes.

Monday, May 18, 2009


On incidence of white light on an object, some light gets absorbed and some gets scattered or reflected. Depending on the colors of the light it reflects or scatter, the object appears to have specific color. If the white light is completely reflected as from a smooth surface, the object would appear white even if the object bears a particular color in the light transmitted through it. Because of the fact that water is transparent to white light, it does not absorb light of any color; so the spot of water surface appear white. A similar observation is experimented while looking at water spray of a fountain or garden spray in the sun light, where some of the droplets appear white while others transparent. The cloud is collection of tiny water droplets formed by condensation of water molecules in the atmosphere. Because of the highly curved surface of droplets have, sunlight gets reflected from their surface in all directions.
The light rays can penetrate the water droplets at different angles and due to the difference in the refractive index for light of different color, white light splits to light rays of different color. This happens from all droplets and in all directions, because of multiple reflection of the dispersed light inside the droplets; the rainbow appears in the different location than that of droplets. But, as the white cloud consists of very fine droplets in high number density, the dispersed light recombines to white light along with the reflected light make the cloud appear white.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sixty years ago when India gained independence from the British, many noted scholars and statesmen didn’t give the young nation much of a chance of survival, well, weren’t they all wrong? Today India is seen by the world as an energetic, youthful and an emerging superpower. The driving force that propels this great nation is a sense of possibility and this strong feeling of hope is more prevalent in the young minds of the country. Young people of India are more open minded, better informed about the outside world, less politically indoctrinate and more entrepreneurial in economic activities. They are nationalistic with a set of values that is predominantly utilitarian.
India’s resilience and its ability to assimilate new ideas and technology do make it an interesting place. But is alone may not be sufficient to lay claim to global predominance. Ours is land of contrast. Currently, India is the only nation in the world to have such a large number of educated young people. While it does brighten our face to see such young guns generate enormous wealth; it is said that India houses 40% of the world’s poor. 45% of the Indian children have difficulties in accessing basic educational facilities and the society is badly in need of face-lift in accordance with changing times. With four hundred and forty million young people ready to shoulder the future of our country; India has that cutting edge advantage to emerge as a prominent winner in all aspects, both socially and economically.


Hemophilia is a disease in which the blood clots, or, coagulates very slowly. Queen Victoria is the first victim of this genetic defect. Strangely, only Victoria's male descendants became "bleeders”. All of her daughters and granddaughters were apparently healthy. Yet many later gave birth to hemophiliac sons. The genes - including the defective ones - are strung like beads on objects known as chromosomes. These are found within every human cell. Each normal human cell carries 46 chromosomes - two sets of 23.One set of 23 chromosomes originally comes from the mother's ovum-the egg cell. Whenever a dominant gene and recessive gene are paired, the individual always develops the characteristic of the dominant gene. The gene that causes the hemophilia is recessive. If it is paired with a "healthy" gene; the individual does not develop the symptoms of hemophilia. But even so, the gene is still present. It can be passed along to the next generation.
Today, medical scientists not only know the genetic basic of the disease, but how to control it as well. Hemophilia is caused by the lack of protein in the blood. This protein is called AHF anti homophile factor. One important method of treating hemophiliacs is to concentrate AHF extracted from the plasma of donated blood. When the AHF is injected in to hemophiliac, his blood begins to clot normally.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Technology has brought about vast improvements in transport, communication, nutrition, health care etc. Science is a systematic attempt to understand reality. It aims at giving us true knowledge of the world. Technology applies this knowledge to bring about improvements in our living conditions. But the truth of scientific knowledge is only provisional and technological advancement has disastrous consequence till today.
Computers and internet plays important role in technology improvement. A computer was for computing fast purely mathematical functions. Today they are used to forecast the weather, to operate machines, to cut steel to size and even to guide a space craft to the moon. Computers help to trace criminals, today the whole world of airlines functions efficiently with the help of computers. Hotels make use of them from managerial capacities to kitchen and companies use them for accounting, invoicing etc. India has excelled in this technological field through the invention of super computer param-10000 which is supposed to be the second largest in the world. The computers with internet connection are the next technology development. The internet is poised to transform our society fundamentally. Now it has become a worldwide network of decent computer terminals and it is widely used for variety of purposes. In this “information superhighway” people can send e-mail, monitor bank accounts, shop for practically everything from books to automobiles and search the World Wide Web for information. It is clear to everyone that the internet is going to reshape our society and alter our lifestyles and with this technology development will not end it will grows as days goes it has no limit.