Sunday, May 3, 2009


Technology has brought about vast improvements in transport, communication, nutrition, health care etc. Science is a systematic attempt to understand reality. It aims at giving us true knowledge of the world. Technology applies this knowledge to bring about improvements in our living conditions. But the truth of scientific knowledge is only provisional and technological advancement has disastrous consequence till today.
Computers and internet plays important role in technology improvement. A computer was for computing fast purely mathematical functions. Today they are used to forecast the weather, to operate machines, to cut steel to size and even to guide a space craft to the moon. Computers help to trace criminals, today the whole world of airlines functions efficiently with the help of computers. Hotels make use of them from managerial capacities to kitchen and companies use them for accounting, invoicing etc. India has excelled in this technological field through the invention of super computer param-10000 which is supposed to be the second largest in the world. The computers with internet connection are the next technology development. The internet is poised to transform our society fundamentally. Now it has become a worldwide network of decent computer terminals and it is widely used for variety of purposes. In this “information superhighway” people can send e-mail, monitor bank accounts, shop for practically everything from books to automobiles and search the World Wide Web for information. It is clear to everyone that the internet is going to reshape our society and alter our lifestyles and with this technology development will not end it will grows as days goes it has no limit.

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