Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sixty years ago when India gained independence from the British, many noted scholars and statesmen didn’t give the young nation much of a chance of survival, well, weren’t they all wrong? Today India is seen by the world as an energetic, youthful and an emerging superpower. The driving force that propels this great nation is a sense of possibility and this strong feeling of hope is more prevalent in the young minds of the country. Young people of India are more open minded, better informed about the outside world, less politically indoctrinate and more entrepreneurial in economic activities. They are nationalistic with a set of values that is predominantly utilitarian.
India’s resilience and its ability to assimilate new ideas and technology do make it an interesting place. But is alone may not be sufficient to lay claim to global predominance. Ours is land of contrast. Currently, India is the only nation in the world to have such a large number of educated young people. While it does brighten our face to see such young guns generate enormous wealth; it is said that India houses 40% of the world’s poor. 45% of the Indian children have difficulties in accessing basic educational facilities and the society is badly in need of face-lift in accordance with changing times. With four hundred and forty million young people ready to shoulder the future of our country; India has that cutting edge advantage to emerge as a prominent winner in all aspects, both socially and economically.

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