Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Be Brief - Since the receiver does not have much time to read your letter thoroughly your letter should be as brief as possible. At the same time briefness does not mean cutting of facts.

Be Accurate - When you write a letter the statement should be accurate and if you are not sure of anything which you are coming to say do not write. An accurate letter will only be appreciated by readers.

Be Courteous and Considerate - The letters which you receive must be replied on the same day of receipt or at least on the next day. It is discourteous to keep a letter for reply for more than two days.

Use simple language - Use simple language as much as possible. The usage of difficult words in letters leads to irritation if the reader does not know the meaning.

Spelling, Punctuation and Paragraphing - This fact may be ridiculous to follow these matters. But it is always a good practice to follow correct punctuations and spellings.

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