Sunday, September 20, 2009

Atomic energy

The genius among the scientists invented the principle for atomic energy. When a radio-active atom disintegrates, it releases tremendous energy. When atom is bombarded artificially, it will also release energy. This energy is called atomic energy. It can be used for the welfare of the nation. Now it is used to destroy another nation. The inventions of atom bombs and hydrogen bombs have led some men to think on the destructive lines.
Nowadays throughout the world, nuclear power stations are set up. Here the energy is used for the generation of electricity. The Thermal energy is converted into electrical energy. The electricity thus obtained is used up for industrial use and domestic use. It can also be used as a fuel for heating certain materials. New radio active isotopes are prepared artificially. Such isotopes are useful in medicine, agriculture and industries. It is also used for the preparation of heavy water, which is essential for nuclear reactors.
Today natural resources are decreasing. So it is the duty of human beings to harness the available resources such as the sun and the atomic energy.

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