Sunday, September 20, 2009

Common teminologies: Part3

Ambassadors and High Commissioners: Ambassadors are diplomatic representatives of the ministerial rank posted by one country to another. When such envoys are exchanged between countries belonging to the Commonwealth, they are called High Commissioners.

Surety and Security: Surety means a personal undertaking to be bound for another, whereas security means a pledge and a guarantee, a right conferred on a creditor to make him sure of recovery. It may also mean bonds or certificates executed in evidence of debt or property.

Summons Case: A summons case is a case in which a person, irrespective of the fact whether he is accused of an offence or not is called upon to appear before any court or before any other officer having the authority to issue summons.

Warrant Case: A warrant case is a case in which a person accused of an offence is required to be arrested and produced in a court of law or such other authority as may be competent to issue a warrant or arrest.

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