Sunday, September 20, 2009

Common teminologies: Part1

Blue Chip: This is the common stock of a large reputed corporation which has a stable and least risky growth path. The stocks of such a corporation, typical blue-chip stocks, are high-priced.

Consumption tax: It is a levy on consumer goods. The objective of such tax is not only to raise revenue but, sometimes, it is also designed to regulate consumption and even production. Sales tax, excise duties etc. are illustrations.

Earth lock: This means orientation towards the Earth; it is essential for uninterrupted transmission by a geo-synchronous satellite. Earthlock is ensured by the satellites sensors which feel the Earth's radiation.

Footloose industries: As contra-distinguished from the location-specific industry, the footloose one can be located anywhere because it is bound to a particular locational requirements. Most of the cottage industries are footloose e.g., handloom industry.

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