Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eureka - Idea to avoid Queue in Banks

Depositing money in a bank is a time consuming job, especially in peak hours. Once we reach the bank we have to fill the deposit slip which is available in the counters and we have to wait in the long queue to deposit, wasting our precious time. So in order to make this whole process of deposit a time effective we can employ a simple idea by which a customer is given a time slot in which he can deposit. The entire process is made simple through Online Token System for Bank Deposits.

The customer who needs to deposit has to go to the bank’s webpage where he can finish all the formalities like filling up of deposit forms and he can search for his convenient time to deposit. If the time which he seeks is not available the system will show the nearest available time slots. After choosing the time slot and submitting the form he can carry on with his work. By this Online Token System he need not spend his time in queue, he can go to the bank at his allotted time slot and he can deposit.

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